Is There Really Easy, Quick Cash Online?

Like anything else there are varying degrees of ’Easy’ or ‘Quick’, which would be viewed differently in many individual ways. So the right answer is it depends. What do you mean by ‘Easy’ ? What exactly does that mean to you if you are looking for a way to make some extra money? What will you have to do to bring your skill level up to par in order to be able to make money online?

What is your skill set? Do you have a computer? Can you send email? Can you cut and paste? Can you write at a 6th grade level? Can you build a basic website or can you set-up a free blog and do a daily post? If you have these basic skills then great you have the means to make money online. It will be ‘easy’ compared to starting a brick and mortar business and it will generate a profit ‘quicker’ too but not ‘fast’.

Fast is for desperate people who need to stay away from trying to make money online. They will just pour their hard earned and much needed money into scams and hype. Money they need for basic living expenses. If you need money fast I would seek other more legitimate avenues like borrow from family or friends or a loan. Or get a REAL part-time job somewhere where you are guaranteed to make money like retail, fast-food or something where you trade time for money.

The Internet is fraught with desperate people looking to make a quick buck. After over a decade of being online looking and trying different things I am here to tell you you are better off staying away or accepting the fact that it will take months if not a year or so to build a true reliable income online. You just need to know where to start and who to trust.

I recommend finding something that has stood the test of time. Something that has been around for 3 or more years and still works for new and old marketers. You see most online business opportunities come and go within a year or so leaving people holding the proverbial bag. An empty bag of nothing!

They spent lots of time and money only to have to start over again….that is if they have it in them. Many just leave and give up. I know I have many times. But I would always re-charge and get that bug again to try something new. In the end what works is building something that is 100% yours and not someone else’s. However, following someone else’s proven blueprint.

The reality is there are no guru’s or secret recipes. Only people who have stuck to a plan and did something everyday that eventually produced a positive result. However, that positive result produced hundreds of negative results first. Persistence, focus and belief are what carry people to success not some make potion or silver bullet.

So finding someone who has been in the trenches and failed and found something that works is someone you want learn from. Learning from successful people and following their recipe can save you many months and hundreds of lost dollars. But knowing if someone can be trusted can be difficult. So, again I say find someone who has a program or system that has stood the test of time and is still producing positive results.

Find that person and learn from them. Someone who is transparent and showing you exactly what they do everyday to make money online. Then and only then will you find ‘Easy’, ‘Fast’ cash online.

One last truth in making Easy, Fast cash online is that it will take some money. While you can start for free the road is long and hard. Take a real inventory of your financial situation and see what if any money you have to invest. Even $50 a month will work. But once you figure out what that number is stick to a budget. It is very easy to rack up huge credit card debt in this business. If you stick to your budget and do something to build your business everyday in the end you will have something to be proud of.


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